Canadian License to UK License

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Canadian License to UK License

Postby CDNAME » Thu 28 Mar 2013 21:03

Hello Everyone,
I recently found your website and its great! I am a Canadian Aircraft Engineer looking for information on obtaining a UK License. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Canadian License to UK License

Postby rorom1 » Sat 30 Mar 2013 13:44

Hi CDNAME, welcome here,for the moment we are not alot on the forum, but we hope to be alot of more within the next few years.
To reply to your question: Canadian license in EASA license, it will be a long and really hard work :?
You will certainly need to performed all the EASA module, why:
The UK CAA, like all others EASA members, will request to you to prove the equivalency for each module between your Canadian Basic courses and the EASA modulation.
After that long and very hard job (to be honest, i'm not sure you will success to prove it due to the latency of the administration), if CAA accepted your folder, the CAA will tell you the accepted modules and a list of not.
Then, you will need to success to the needed modules...
To a get good idea, have a look here: Annexe 3 (Part 66) Pages 123 to 196 ... 801:EN:PDF

sincerely good luck :|
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