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Finding a contract, training or any information gathering to Aircraft Engineers is not that hard, the internet has plenty of websites offering any of them.
However, finding a website gathering all together, gathering to aircraft engineer, mechanic working in aviation maintenance and created by aircraft engineers, speaking the very same language, understanding their needs and with one click away, giving useful links for their career (regulation, trainings, forum, contracts) is few and far between.
Here is then what we have set up, through our own personal aircraft maintenance experience, hoping it will be as pertinent as you expect it to be. You can upload your CV's here!

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Since 2008 our small team remain at your disposal and is permanently evolving AviationMaintenanceJobs.aero in order to make it as much as possible User friendly. During all those years we are proud to see our ideas instigate others majors aviation jobs search. As maintenance professionals, we are highly concerned by the importance of training. With our experience, mechanics, engineers, sheet metal workers and others stakeholders we are all concerned and are frequently looking for continuous training refresher or initial, new type trainings and their difference courses, basic trainings , OJT and SOJT.
See how the first internet free aviation maintenance jobs search website created by aviation maintenance professionals for aviation professionals can help your recruitment process or to supplement your classes and facilitate your company internet visibility.