Aircraft Engineer Logbook

Aircraft Engineer Logbook Free Download


This booklet is used to gather a set of information related to your training, your qualifications and accreditations for both individual and recorded experience in aviation general maintenance, useful information such as your potential CRS and / or support for CRS personnel. Your experience is gained and validated in your maintenance organization. This logbook is a means of recording the experience used in the particular sector in which you are assigned.

The use of this booklet concerns you if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • technician about to have a CRS,
  • technician already holder of a CRS,
  • category B1/B2 engineer expected to be appointed assistant to category C staff,
  • B1/B2 engineer already appointed assistant to category C staff.

Optional: this booklet is also to be used by the following categories: cabin/outfitting mechanic, sheet metal worker, contractor, inspector.
Each technician is required to fill out this booklet himself.


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