OCR - Voluntary reporting system

The reporting system does not always offer protection from prosecution. The Agency only forgoes initiating criminal proceedings under two conditions: First, the occurrence is not a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of the applicable standards and regulations, and second, the Agency learned of the occurrence through this reporting system.

Who can file reports?

Reports can be filed by anyone directly or indirectly involved in aviation, who uses aviation services or who makes safety-related observations in this field. Reports can be filed to the Quality control of your company or/and to the Authorities anonymously or in particular by means of a OCR .

What kind of occurrences can be reported?


An operational interruption, defect, fault or other irregular circumstance that has or may have influenced the safety of an aircraft, its occupants or any other person. It is also possible to report occurrences which as yet present no risk, but which could, if not corrected, present a potential risk for the safety of the aviation system.

When should such a report be filed using this system?

-When no other possibilities for reporting are available or suitable.
-When the usual procedures have been exhausted without result.
-When filing a report could jeopardise your employment.
-When the experience could contribute to improving safety in civil aviation.
-When the person reporting wishes to remain anonymous (It is however desirable to
know the identity for the purposes of clarifying any details or for providing notification
that the report has been received).

Form 44 Technical Occurrence Report Form

For more details see EASA 145.A.60 Occurrence reporting or your company MOE