Job Opportunity: Coil Winder & Repairer

Sorry, this job opportunity is no longer active.

Coil Winder & Repairer

Company: Aircraft Armature Inc.
Salary: 40000
Job terms: Full Time
Start date: 21/01/2019
Location: United states Miami, Hialeah
Job summary:
Repair or replace coils & winding
Job description:
Fabricate, assemble, or disassemble aircraft oil or air cooled generator, fan, blower, pump or
IDGs components such as stators, armatures, PMGs, exciter rotors and stators; wind coils to
shaft or metal core; repair or replace electrical wiring and/or components including insulation and
coils; solder or braze electrical or electronic connections or components; perform static or
dynamic balancing or armatures; test and adjust repaired products for proper functioning; read
and interpret technical drawings, schematics and service manuals; knowledge and experience of
operating principles and the use of oscilloscopes, voltmeter, ammeter or ohmmeter and other
various industry standard precision measuring tools and equipment as well as hand and power
tools; maintain production and/or work records.
Formal education, hands-on experience minimum five (5) years, speak, read & write English is
required. Email resume to or fax at 786-703-6844.
Thank you all interested candidates but only the ones that meet job description criteria will be
Posted date: 16/Jan/2019